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For Our Customers

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The lifeline of the securities business, our core business, is the quality of services provided to clients. We improve client satisfaction by raising standards at our sales branches, which serve as points of contact with clients, and promote the development of branches infused with local character, in accordance with a medium-term business plan for Okasan Securities, the group's flagship company, based on perfecting the concept of establishing Okasan as an information powerhouse.

Initiatives for Improving Client Satisfaction

It is essential that we consider the perspective of our clients if we are to improve client satisfaction. Okasan Securities conducts client satisfaction surveys to sincerely respond to the opinions of our clients and incorporate survey findings into management practices.

Status of implementation

Since 2006, Okasan Securities conducts client satisfaction surveys regularly.
Click here for survey results.

Initiatives Respecting Compliance (with Laws)

Fortifying our compliance system is essential for improving client satisfaction. Our group is constantly improving compliance via training and our e-learning system, which are designed to keep everyone abreast of laws and relevant regulations, our internal messaging system (compliance calls), and internal surveys. We comply with the Act for the Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs, which was effective as of April 2005, and established a system to prevent leaks of personal information.

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