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Share Status

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Basic Information on Shares

(as of Sep 30, 2019)

Number of shares outstanding Common shares: 208,214,969
Number of shareholders 24,035 (number of trading unit shareholders: 21,436)
Listings Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section)
Nagoya Stock Exchange (First Section)
Date of settlement March 31 (once per year)
Annual meeting of shareholders Sometime in June
Number of shares per trading unit 100
Notification Method Electronic Public Notice
  • If the Electronic Public Notice cannot be posted for reasons beyond our control, announcements will be published in the "Nihon Keizai Shimbun".
Electronic Public Notice


(as of Sep 30, 2019)

Type Number of shareholders Number of shares held (trading units)
Government and Local government - -
Financial institutions 62 1,034,924
Securities firms 51 37,404
Other corporations 292 232,325
Overseas corporations and investors 163 186,425
Individuals and other types of shareholders 23,467 591,069
Total 24,035 2,082,149
  • "Other corporations" include shares held in the name of Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc.
  • "Individuals and other types of shareholders" include shares held in the company's own name.
  • Each figure shown has been rounded down to the nearest whole integer.

Major Shareholders (Top 10)

(as of Sep 30, 2019)

Name/description Number of shares held (trading units) Shareholding ratio (%)
Nippon Life Insurance Company 9,732 4.67
The Norinchukin Bank 9,700 4.66
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited 8,726 4.19
Daido Life Insurance Company 8,660 4.16
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation 5,822 2.80
The Master Trust Bank of Japan,Ltd. 5,785 2.78
Tosei 5,266 2.53
Resona Bank, Limited 4,937 2.37
Mizuho Bank,Ltd. 4,925 2.37
Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd., Retirement
Benefit Trust Mizuho Bank Account
4,924 2.36
Total 68,478 32.89
  • Number of shares held is shown with the fractional part truncated. Shareholding ratio is shown with the fractional part rounded off.

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