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Terms of Use

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Terms of use

This website is operated for the purpose of providing information on Okasan Securities Group companies and not for the purpose of soliciting investments. In addition, while materials posted here consist of information that is believed to be from reliable sources, we do not guarantee the accuracy or validity of such information. Accordingly, neither our company, nor any other content provider shall assume any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from the use of such content. Moreover, we reserve the right to revise and/or remove content without notice. By using this website, you have agreed to these terms of use, irrespective of whether or not you actually read these terms of use.

Information disclosure

We shall provide timely and fair disclosure of information in compliance with the Financial instruments and Exchange Law, other applicable laws, and the regulations of stock exchanges on which our securities are listed.
Okasan Securities Group Inc. has not disclosed in English on this web site all information specified under Rule12g3-2(b) promulgated under the United States Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.

Prohibition against insider trading

Information posted on our website constitutes or may constitute specified material facts as stipulated under Clause 2, Article 166 of the Financial instruments and Exchange Law. In addition, a person who obtains knowledge of specific information through this website may constitute what is referred to as a primary recipient of information according to the provisions stipulated under Clause 3, Article 166 of the Financial instruments and Exchange Law. Accordingly, the trading of shares in our company by a person who obtains specific information through this website within the first twelve (12) hours after the release of such information to two or more media outlets as specified in Clause 1 of Article 30 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the Financial instruments and Exchange Law or before the information is released to the public through the TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network) may constitute a violation of the prohibitions against insider trading under the Financial instruments and Exchange Law.


Copyrights to the content on our website belong to our company, and/or other information providers and are protected by the Copyright Act. Transferring, copying, or otherwise modifying or distributing any part of this website without authorization is prohibited. You agree that you will not use such content for commercial or other secondary purposes, alter such content, or otherwise copy or modify any part of this website unless you have obtained written consent in advance from the providers of such content.


While this website may contain hypertext links and banners that link to other websites, we assume no liability whatsoever for the content presented on these other websites. In addition, linking from other websites to this website requires the permission of Okasan Securities Group.

Information obtained on our website

Information obtained through this website constitutes personal information, including names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and addresses, that we need to confirm requests for materials and other inquiries so that we can send such materials. Additional information can be found online on our privacy policy page.

<Management of information>
Information from users of this website is properly managed through the assignment of an administrator and the establishment of a strict security protection system designed to prevent the leakage, alteration, or improper use of such information.

<Inquiries concerning our personal information management system>
Direct inquiries about our personal information management system or the personal information of clients to us by using our inquiry e-mail form.

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Applicable law

Although this website can be accessed from any country in the world such that a user could be subject to different laws than in the jurisdiction in which he or she is located, both users who access this website and Okasan Securities Group Inc., agree to be bound by the laws of Japan when using this website.

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