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Okasan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Company Name Okasan Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Address 3rd Floor Koami-cho Yasuda Building 9-9, Koami-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0016 JAPAN
Phone Number +81-3-3665-3500 (main)
Date of Establishment April 6, 1954
President MORI Toshikatsu
Business Details Real Estate Business, Insurance Agency Business, Other
Capital 90,000,000 Yen
Registration and license
Registered real estate broker
Tokyo metropolitan governor(13)No.29802
Senior registered architect office
Tokyo metropolitan governor, No.60176
Registered money lender
Tokyo metropolitan governor(13)No.00553

Message from Okasan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Since 1954, we administered and leased real estate and managed the Group employee benefit programs as the business supply division of the Okasan Securities Group. In recent years, we have expanded into the real estate brokerage, non-life and life insurance agency, among others.

We will continue to take on the challenges posed by new business opportunities, and we are determined to provide steady, finely tuned services in the spirit of doing what we can For Our Clients.

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