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Other Subsidiaries

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In addition to administering and managing investment partnerships, our businesses in support and other spheres deliver system infrastructures and provide administrative, property management, and other services, primarily for Group member companies.

Administration and management of investment limited partnerships (investment funds)

Okasan Capital Partners handles the administration and management of investment limited partnerships (investment funds) that invest primarily in startup ventures.

System development and implementation

Okasan Information Systems provides services of securities operational systems for Okasan Securities, as well as 14 securities firms both inside and outside the Okasan Securities Group. The Company also provides online trading sytems.

Administrative services and other support

Our other support businesses include back office operations, including data entry, forms preparation, and shipping, as well as property management and other services.

Okasan Securities Group Companies (Other Subsidiaries)

The corporate profiles of Okasan Securities Group companies, other than securities subsidiaries, are available here:


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