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Sanko Securities Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Company Name Sanko Securities Co., Ltd.
Address 3-2-2 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0025 JAPAN
Phone Number +81-3-5614-0700(main)
Date of Establishment October 23, 1953
President KOGA Shinichi
Business Details Securities Business (Tokyo Exchange Clearing Member)
Capital 300,000,000 Yen


Nishi-Ogikubo Branch Address 3-42-2 Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0042 JAPAN
Phone Number +81-3-3394-1111

Message from Sanko Securities Co., Ltd.

In accordance with our management philosophy and as reflected in our watchword, To Grow with Clients, our executives and employees work together to ensure that the company works closely with clients in our community. Through direct contact with clients, we are intimately aware of their needs and respond with customized services in a prompt, focused, courteous manner.

Our executives and employees offer proposals directly to clients while retaining The courage and persistence to follow through and The courage to achieve our mission.

Our mission is to be the number one securities firm in Japan; thus, we enhance the capabilities of all employees. Customer satisfaction is the reward our executives and employees strive to attain. This is Sanko Securities, and the essence of our duty.

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