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This page introduces the concept of compliance at our company.

Our attitude towards compliance

We see compliance as a key management issue. Within our compliance structure, the auditing department carries out on-site audits of the Company and all group companies. Any action that contravenes or that may contravene applicable laws and regulations or the Articles of Incorporation is reported to the President. Where necessary, after deliberations, an appropriate course of action is recommended.

Okasan Securities, the flagship of our Group, seeks to establish a highly effective compliance system based on ongoing compliance training programs, which are organized by rank and position, in addition to the efforts to reinforce and upgrade organizational structure.

Compliance system at Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.

Compliance system

With respect to our compliance system, we upgrade internal regulations and rules to prevent misconduct in the front office through the appointment of sales managers and internal control managers to each sales unit. By conducting internal audits by the internal audit department, we ensure compliance with the Financial instruments and Exchange Law and other applicable laws and regulations, securities investment solicitations and other sales activities, and client management with a comprehensive system of dual checks.


We established various committees to reinforce our commitment to compliance. In addition to our Compliance Committee and Rules Review Committee to ensure compliance with the Financial instruments and Exchange Law and other applicable laws and regulations, our New Instruments Review Committee assesses new instruments by applying a multi-pronged test of compliance for introducing and handling such instruments in light of marketing factors.

Internal training system

In order to enhance the effectiveness of our compliance system and raise awareness of compliance issues, the Human Resources Development Department provides regular compliance training by rank and position in line with yearly plans. We promote an effective commitment to compliance by obliging participants in our annual company-wide All-Branch Compliance Training program to take verification tests administered by our internal e-learning system after lectures.

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