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Management Monitoring System

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Management monitoring system

The structure of management monitoring is composed of four total Audit and Supervisory Committee Members, including one statutory auditors and three outside directors. They make up the auditors' meeting and decide on auditing policies in accordance with laws and regulations and the company's articles of incorporation, based on the rules of auditors' meeting. These individuals will also work to formulate audit opinions for the auditors' meeting. Other auditor obligations include attendance at meetings of the Board of Directors and other important meetings, interviews with directors (excluding directors who are Audit and Supervisory Committee Members), and the duty to review important approval documents in order to oversee decision-making by the Board of Directors and the state of business execution by directors. In addition, auditors work with independent auditors and the divisions in charge of internal auditing to help ensure effective, appropriate audits.

Audit and Supervisory Committee Members

(as of June 29, 2022)

Position Name
Outside Director HIGO Seishi
Outside Director NAGAI Mikito
Outside Director UJIHARA Kiyoshi

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