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Risk Management System

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This page introduces the risk management system at our company.

Comprehensive risk management

Our crisis management system complies with our Regulations of Comprehensive Risk Management to effectively manage risks by exhaustively identifying exposure to loss and monitoring the efforts by each department to manage the risks (clerical, liquidity, system, security, rumor, disaster, labor, legal, and market risks) within their scope of responsibility. At the same time, we have determined that activities that may materially impact operations and whose risks are difficult to control will be separately addressed in a business continuity plan. Okasan Securities Co., Ltd. has developed a risk management system by creating the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and by establishing the Crisis Management Headquarters, as described below.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) at Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.

In addition to the basic policies regarding the Business Continuity Plan, which outlines the precedence of life, priority operations, and target recovery times, Okasan Securities Co., Ltd., updated their Regulations of Business Continuity System to preserve the livelihood and property and protect the profits of the company and the stakeholders. Furthermore, the company is preparing a manual governing first responses, the safety of executives and employees, and other issues addressed by the Crisis Management Headquarters, the secretariat, and all relevant departments in the event of a crisis. The company will maintain the effectiveness of this plan through BCP tests, training programs, and inspections and monitoring activities.

Crisis Management Headquarters at Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.

In the event of a natural disaster, system failure, information leak, harmful rumor, crime, accident, or similar event affecting Okasan Securities Co., Ltd., the Crisis Management Headquarters, chaired by the president, will implement rapid mobilization efforts to minimize the magnitude of sustained damages.

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