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General Meeting of Shareholders 2023

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General Meeting of Shareholders 2023

The General Shareholders Meeting is a conference at which the Company makes decisions based on the collective opinions of shareholders. At the General Shareholders Meeting, the Company reports the annual results of operations and puts to the shareholders resolutions on important matters relating to the Company, including amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, and the appointment of directors.

To exercise voting rights at the General Shareholders Meeting, you will need to be a shareholder holding a unit of shares (100 shares or more) on the record date.
The Company holds its ordinary General Shareholders Meeting in late June every year, and shareholders holding a unit of shares who are listed in the register of shareholders as of the end of March of the year are invited.

The 85th General Meeting of Shareholders was held on June 29, 2023.

About the System of Electronic Provision of the Materials for General Shareholders Meeting

In accordance with the amendments to the Companies Act, the system of electronic provision of the materials for General Shareholders Meeting was introduced.

To view PDF files, you will need Adobe® Reader, a free plug-in provided by Adobe Systems Incorporated (a new browser window will open).

General Meeting of Shareholders

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