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Community Commitment

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Our group supports the growth of local communities that in turn support the business activities of branches and sales offices and continuously promotes artistic and cultural support programs and other initiatives.

Okasan Securities Operates Work Experience Booth at the "Waku Waku! Challenge Town" Event

Okasan Securities Co., Ltd. (the "Company") operated a booth at the "Waku Waku! Challenge Town," a work experience event held at the Yume Dome Ueno athletic facility in Iga City, Mie Prefecture, on Saturday, July 30, 2011.

Held for the second time, Waku Waku! Challenge Town was launched last year as part of the "Project for Supporting the Children of Mie," which is being run by the Mie Prefectural Government's children's bureau in collaboration with local companies and residents. Okasan Securities Group Inc. endorses the objective of the project and has been providing cooperation. Twenty four companies and organizations in Mie Prefecture set up booths and offered children the chance to try out a total of 18 jobs at the event this year. About 600 elementary school pupils and junior high school students who attended Waku Waku! Challenge Town took advantage of these opportunities, and gained experience with real-life work and exchanging name cards.

Okasan Securities employees taught the children about structure of investment and world money at a booth set up by the Company. The employees came mainly from the Company's Head Office and Iga Ueno Branch Office. An equity investment game using dice and imitation bills proved particularly popular among both children and their guardians. The game makes learning about equities investing fun.

Okasan Dispatches Speakers to Yokkaichi Citizen's College's "21st Century Seminar"

Okasan Securities dispatched a lecturer to each of Yokkaichi Citizen's College's "21st Century Seminars," held on Thursday, October 8 and Thursday November 12, 2009.

Yokkaichi Citizen's College is a lifelong education program run by the City of Yokkaichi for its citizens, and is now in its 32nd year. The program currently offers eight courses planned by community groups, and the "21st Century Seminar" is a course of six seminars in total, planned and operated by the Mie University Yokkaichi Front.

At the second seminar on Thursday, October 8, Okasan Securities' Chief Economist Masayuki Hoshina spoke on the topic of "Japanese Business Operations in the BRICs," and at the third seminar on Thursday, November 12, Okasan Securities' Shanghai Representative Office Director Katsushi Shiokawa discussed "Japanese Business Operations in Asia/China."
Approximately 50 people attended each seminar and listened intently to the talks.

Okasan Securities to Install AEDs at All Offices

Sticker indicating the presence of an AED
Staff taking a course

In June 2009, Okasan Securities Co., Ltd. has installed automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at all of its offices in Japan (Head Office, branch offices, business offices, and others: Total 60 locations).
The AEDs are available for use in emergencies involving visiting customers, community residents, and Okasan Securities staff.

A sticker indicating the presence of an AED is displayed near the entrance of each branch office and business office, so that neighboring residents are also able to use it.
To coincide with the installation, employees of the Company have undertaken a course on AED use and on cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, so that they will be able to use the equipment quickly and properly.


An AED is a portable medical device that is able to treat people suffering a sudden life threatening cardiac arrest due to ventricular fibrillation, by normalizing the actions of their heart with an electric shock (electric defibrillation). Traditionally used by doctors and emergency responders, ordinary citizens have been permitted to operate the equipment since July 2004.

Branch Galleries

Photo exhibition (Tsu)
Picture exhibition (Nabari)

Okasan Securities fosters interactions with residents and its branches and sales offices and promotes proactive community-contribution initiatives. At present, on-site space and seminar rooms at the branches-including those in Tsu, Yokkaichi, Suzuka, Ise, Matsuzaka, Iga-Ueno, Nabari, and Ube are offered free-of-charge for hobbies, exhibitions, and clubs for local people.

Community Cleanup Activities

As part of its contribution to its local communities, Okasan Securities takes part in community cleanup activities, and its sales offices also carry out cleanup activities based on voluntary plans.
Otemachi Branch took part in a cleanup of Kamakurabahsi Bridge, which has historical significance and is closely rooted in the local community.
In addition, Miyazu branch took part in the cleanup activities of Amanohashidate.

Cleanup of Kamakurabashi Bridge (Otemachi)
Participation in the cleanup activities of Amanohashidate(Miyazu)
Cleanup activities around the station (Tamano)

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