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The Kagura Dome

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About the Kagura Dome

This Digital Dome Theater (planetarium) inside the Okasan Securities Group Tsu Building features some of the most remarkable video and presentation capabilities in Japan.
This facility was completed in October 2013 as part of activities commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Okasan Securities Group’s founding in the city of Tsu, Mie Prefecture, where Okasan Securities Group got its start. Full-scale operations began in April of the following year.

The Kagura Dome's objectives

Contributions to the community

  1. Projected programs for elementary-school students in Tsu, based on official curriculum guidelines (reservations required; free admission)
  2. Open to the public (4:00 pm every Thursday; admission charges apply)

Presentation venue

We also expect to this space, as a Digital Dome Theater, to serve as a presentation venue that can take advantage of its presentation capabilities.

The Okasan Digital Dome Theater Kagura Dome projects video programs onto its dome screen based on official curriculum guidelines. These are provided free of charge mainly for elementary-school students in Tsu.
It is our hope that the dome theater experience and the vivid presentations it makes possible will inspire interest in science among students and contribute to science education in the community.

Summary of Facilities

Institution Name Okasan Digital Dome Theater KAGURA DOME
Location 4F, Okasan Securities Group tsu Bld., 5-20, Chuo, Tsu-shi, Mie 514-0032 JAPAN
Diameter of the Dome 14.4m
Seating Capacity 80 seats

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