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For Our Shareholders and Investors

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A company's basic responsibility is to post regular profits through sound corporate activities and distribute these profits to shareholders. Our group seeks to develop corporate activities according to management policies and plans that are clear for all stakeholders. We communicate with all shareholders and investors and appropriately disclose information on management and business on a timely basis.

Profit Distribution and Shareholder Special Benefit Plan

We regard the distribution of profits as an important management issue. The distribution of profits is a policy based the enhancement of retained earnings while reinforcing management practices and paving the way for future growth. Our dividend distribution policy distributes dividends in line improved performance while considering the need to maintain stable dividends. In addition, we have introduced a special shareholder benefit plan.

Information Disclosure

In addition to information disclosure in compliance with the regulations of the listing markets, we voluntarily disclose information pertinent to shareholders and investors in order to ensure an accurate understanding of the current state of our group. Our goal is to proactively maintain investor relations in an easy-to-understand manner. With respect to settlement-related information, we disclose materials using diagrams and visual aids to provide a clear summary of results in conjunction with brief announcements of financial results.

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